|| film enthusiasts + cultural workers ||

have grown together before, during or after the SFA21
and have since been preparing the second edition of the


at Kühlhaus Görlitz.


idea & program

Sebastian is filmmaker, former guest lecturer and editor in Berlin. He realizes music clips, interviews and experimental essayistic films. He gained his first experience with director Hubertus Siegert. In the course of the “Stadt auf Probe” he was a guest in Görlitz for a few weeks, during which time he learned to love Lusatia beyond its borders. At the SFA, he takes on tasks in strategy development and program design and builds up international cooperations.


project management & location management

Sophie works as a permanent actress at the Staatstheater Cottbus and is involved in the Sorbian artists‘ collective „Kolektiw Wakuum“ and other Cottbus initiatives. She completed her acting studies at the Zurich University of the Arts and is represented by „Lucky Punch Management“ Berlin since 2020. She got to know Görlitz intensively through our first academy in July 2021 and fell in love with the city and its surroundings right away. Sophie is part of the management team and responsible for internal communication and coordination. During the academy, she takes over the location management on site in Kühlhaus.


website & project design

Erik is a freelance filmmaker and trained media designer for image and sound. The Lusatian lives and works in Leipzig and has produced three feature films to date, most recently the interactive feature film “Auf der Suche”. Since 2007 he has been giving creative film workshops in the areas of short, VR or smartphone film. Through friends from Görlitz and his work in the German-Sorbian film network Filmnetzwerk Łužycafilm or the annual visit to the Neiße Filmfestival, , Erik has come to appreciate and love his home region even more. His tasks in the management team of the SFA are design and creation of the website.


program & consulting

The freelance director lives and works Berlin. After studying politics, Britta studied directing with a focus on documentary film at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and UCINE in Buenos Aires. Her award-winning documentaries „Fragmente meiner Mutter“, „#widerstand“ and „Mozart Recycled“ screened at numerous International Film Festivals and on television. At the 54th International Hof Film Festival, she served as a jury member for the Granit Documentary Award. Through the documentary film KŘIŽERKI (The Easter Riders), which she is realizing together with Sebastian and Upper Sorbian filmmaker Sophia Ziesch, she came into contact with Lusatia. For the Summer Film Academy, she is developing the content program together with Sebastian and is available to the team in an advisory capacity. During the academy, Britta will also supervise the invited lecturers on site.


finance & cooperations

Bodo works as a Creative Producer and Production Manager in the area of Fiction Feature Film in Berlin. Bodo lived in the US for a long time and likes to share his knowledge about film financing, production, distribution or startup in German or English with a lot of passion.  As a graduate in business administration and economics, he has international project and management experience in the communications and entertainment industry. In addition to his family ties, he has already been involved in a number of film productions in Saxony. In the context of the Summer Film Academy Bodo takes care of strategic questions of orientation as well as cooperations, financing and accounting.


location management and design

Annelie is currently studying architecture in Cottbus in her last semester. Together with Sophie she is involved in the artist collective Kolektiw Wakuum, for which she creates graphic works and music videos. In Malaysia she studied Visual Arts, Psychology and Physics and lived afterwards in India and Portugal. Currently she is working a lot with visual arts, mixed media and photography/film. Annelie’s responsibilities are mainly in establishing international relations with other institutions or associations as well as the visualization of our project.


local cooperations

Felix Schuster, who lives in Görlitz, works as a cultural manager and, in his position as project coordinator, has been successfully responsible for the festival for contemporary art  Zukunftsvisionen. Already in his master thesis Chances and Potentials of the City of Görlitz as a Location for Film Productions in the Department of Culture and Management at the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz he dealt in detail with the sector-specific possibilities on site.   Felix acts as a contact person on site where he builds up local cooperations and thus strengthens the connection to the region.


moderation und film production

The freelance film director from Erfurt realizes documentaries and short feature films. Susanne started her film career directly after graduating from high school with the Filmmaking Certificate at the London Film Academy. This was followed by various assistantships and internships, the study of Visual Communication at Bauhaus University, as well as freelance commissioned projects. In 2019, she won the KONTAKT Young Talent Award of the Mitteldeutschen Medienförderung. During the academy Susanne takes care of the organization and communication structure of the film projects.


technology and film productions

Otto works as a busy filmmaker and cameraman in Görlitz. His orders come from business, theater or directly from himself. As an experienced young professional, he takes over the technical supervision of our New Talents and actively supports us on location.


technology and film production

Steffen produces commercials and image films, music videos, documentaries and much more under his label creoflux. He is a true jack-of-all-trades, as he produces everything from concept to film music from a single source – with a large portion of cinema flair.

Since 2020, he has been working and living alternately in Görlitz and Potsdam. He was a participant in the first edition, has tasted blood in the realization of fictional films and supports us together with Susanne and Otto with his Skillz in the implementation of the film projects.



From recipe development to the production of food videos to kitchen planning and cooking – Nina is professionally involved with food. As food, its processing and combinations are her thing, but daily kitchen work is not, she mainly cooks at retreats or events and of course for friends.
As part of the cooking team, she also prepares lunches for the participants during the Academy. Her favourite meal.
In addition to a sharp knife, she has Milan in her luggage, who has also supported her for the last two summers at the Pizzeria „cocolores“, a pop-up pizzeria at Coconat (where Nina also works „on the side“ when she is not cooking in Kühlhaus Görlitz).


Editing and supervision of film productions

Vanessa Ivan completed her bachelor’s degree in architecture (B.A.) and is currently still in her final year at the Adbk Munich studying time-based media with Julian Rosefeldt.
Through the Munich Kammerspiele, where she worked on „WUT“ – a performative production by Nicolas Stemann – she developed video concepts for theatrical space. She currently focuses on working with musicians and creates visual live shows such as „The evolution of Disco Music“ for the jazz club Domicil Dortmund. With her duo „Ivo Profan and the Kobayashi„, she creates a collage-like mulitverse of politics and slapstick that is expressed in space through video, sculpture, images and texts.


film production

Alex was born in Siberia, grew up in Aschaffenburg and began her studies in Visual Communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in 2015. From 2016 she was in the Film and Moving Image class with Jan Peters and won the Rundgang Award of the University Society Kassel with her first documentary film JUNGS VON DER KANTE. Alex supports the New Talents during the shooting in camera, sound and editing and in the course of the two weeks the SFA22 as a team member in different areas.



Alysa will complete the team and support us during the academy in many different fields. She defines herself as a multiplayer artist who is willing to explore, experiment and communicate.  She is into arts and science but also social design, humanity and new experiences.
Alysa studied Design at the Art and Theatre College of Dnipro in Ukraine.

Du bist die erste Ansprechpartnerin für unsere Teilnehmerinnen. Du nimmst Anmeldungen an, erstellst eine Übersicht und bist für alle Fragen der Teilnehmerinnen während der Akademie da. Du magst Menschen, kannst gut kommunizieren und bist schnell im Antworten über Mail und soziale Netzwerke? Dann melde dich zeitnah bei uns an

Betreuung der

Presse und

Lust auf Festivals, Branchenevents und Veranstaltungen? Mach uns bekannt – bring das Projekt ins Gespräch. Auf allen Kanälen. Entweder per Newsletter, Pressemitteilung oder indem du auf Branchenevents gehst und uns persönlich bekannt machst. Während der Akademie betreuust du dann zusammen mit der Akademiereaktion die Aufarbeitung der Infos für die Öffentlichkeit.
Melde dich zeitnah bei uns an

Wir haben uns neben dem Tagesprogramm auch für unsere Abende viel vorgenommen und glauben, da braucht es eine clevere Person mit pragmatischen Fähigkeiten bei der Umsetzung. Du schreibst die Abläufe zusammen, koordinierst sie am Abend und bist für den reibungslosen Ablauf zuständig. Wäre das was für dich?
Dann melde dich zeitnah bei uns an

Betreuung der


Ja! Wir wollen in diesem Jahr ein Akademiemagazin. Einerseits im Vorfeld als Infoheft mit Fakten zur Akademie für alle Teilnehmerinnen, anderseits während der Akademie als täglicher Rückblick auf die Akademiezeit. Das kann natürlich auch über Soziale Netzwerke pepusht werden. Du solltest also gut schreiben können und Lust haben dich in die Geschichten der Akademie hineinzugraben.
Dann melde dich zeitnah bei uns an

Auch 2022 wollen wir uns wieder kreative Gerichte ausdenken, planen und unmsetzen. Dazu suchen wir helfende Hände bei den Vorbereitungen von Frühstück und Abendbrot für vor allem vegane und vegetarischen Gerichte mit kreativem Anspruch.  Sophie und Annelie freuen sich auf Dich! Melde dich zeitnah bei uns an


Runner:In /

Du hast Bock intensiv die Region kennzulernen, tagsüber Auflüge zum Einkaufen zu machen, unserem Cateringteam unter die Arme zu greifen und morgens und abends beim Auf- und Abbau von Technik zu helfen?  Dann melde dich zeitnah bei uns an