We as a team work exclusively on a voluntary basis to ensure the successful implementation of our academy. Our participation fees pay for the catering, rent for accommodation and the campsite as well as the event rooms and the fair wages of the lecturers and the kitchen team. We are also supported with donations and receive funding from the Kulturstiftung des Freistaates Sachsen, the Töpfer Stiftung, Kreatives Sachsen and the simul+ Mitmachfonds.
Thank you very much to make things happen!

Fourty film makers will meet in summer for two weeks at the historical refrigeration warehouse/Kühlhaus in Görlitz
and in other locations in Czechia and Poland. Filmmakers from all departments will educate themselves, develop ideas, and produce films over a period of two weeks.

The main venue, will take place in the German/Polish twin city Görlitz/Zgrzelec (also known as “Görliwood” ) and is known as a film location with international flair. The extensive historic and green site of the Kühlhaus offers the perfect stage for exciting film and life stories of the region. 


The program of summer 2022 has been extended from its origins. We now have 3 parallel program tracks and an international agenda which we have developed with partners from Poland and Czechia.

We have tailored the program to suit the needs of a diverse range of participants with different levels of expertise and experience:

There will be 2 Masterclasses (one for documentary and fictional film each) for professional filmmakers and a separate German program for New Talents.

The resulting films will be viewed publicly.


The Refrigeration Warehouse/Kühlhaus Görlitz has established itself not only as our place of venue for the year 2022, but is also a place of creativity and culture for the entire area between Berzdorfer See  and the city of Görlitz/Zgorzelec.

In former communist times the warehouse served as a secret doomsday preservative. (DDR-Versorgungsspeicher). Nowadays it has been rebuilt as a cultural center and features art studios, sleeping bungalows, conference rooms and an industrial hall for installations, events and lots of spacious lawn and forest. You will have sufficient open space to relax and be creative.

Other venues are provided by excursions to our partners in Liberec (CZE) and Jelenia Gora (POL) where parts of the academy will take place in the Kino Varsava.


We will be offering various formats:


Our English-speaking master classes are targeted towards experienced filmmakers and will be taught by seasoned and renown professionals.
We invite selected lecturers with connection to the region or from
nearby Poland and Czechia.  We will be offering hands-on creative work samples and case studies.

The program will focus on script and story development for documentaries and fictional films. 

Lecturers are (among others)

Jagoda Szelc (POL) „MONUMENT
Grit Lemke (GUNDERMANN REVIER ; nominated for the German Grimme Preiss 2020)
Constanze Klaue (currently in production of„ Mit der Faust in die Welt schlagen)
Lukas Rietzschel (local and best selling author)
Alexandra Weselowski
Jonas Römmig

In the second week participants of the Masterclass can work on their projects or participate
in the general supporting program or in the projects of the New Talents.

New Talents

For so-called New Talents we will be offering a startup program in Production, Directing, Camera, Edit, Sound, Acting.
We start with instructions, practical exercises and talk circles in the first week.
In the second week participants will be able to put knowledge into practice.
Under the guidance of professionals in Camera, Sound, Edit and with the help of feedback rounds
they will be producing fictional films, documentaries and music videos.


Our other programmes include a concept for young people that will take place
in cooperation with the Fabmobil. An excerpt from their diverse offer:

The Fabmobil connects young smartphone professionals with work-experienced and partly retired technology experts in intergenerational offers – in this way, a long-term and intergenerational learning process can be created. The mobile character of the project creates a closer network of the cultural and educational venues spread throughout the region. 

For day visitors and people with an affinity for art and technology, we have also prepared two theme days in the second week on the use of artificial intelligence, the Anthropocene and socio-political engagement. 

As a crowning finale to the first week, we are also hosting the music festival Rashomon Festival with two floors and
20 acts. We are happy about the close cooperation with the Zukunftsvisionen-Festival and the Meta Solis e.V.. 


You will find the detailed programme by day in June. 


At the end of the first edition of the SFA, there were seven completed projects or teasers for follow-up projects.
The works celebrated their premieres directly after the academy on 24.07.2021 in the supporting programme of „Grand Budapest Hotel“, which was filmed in Görlitz. The „Flying Summer Cinema“ in cooperation with the Camillo Kino in Görlitz premiered in front of around 150 guests. 

The music video of the Sorbian hip-hop collective „Kolektiw Klanki“ for the track „MRÓČELE“ was also officially premiered at the beginning of November as part of the 31st Cottbus Film Festival.

Together with our cooperation partners such as the Kühlhaus Görlitz, Kreatives Sachsen, the German-Sorbian film network Łužycafilm but also the Görlitzer Brotschmiede and the Lindenhof community, the team together with our guests and lecturers succeeded in creating a relaxed togetherness. 

Whether full professionals with decades of experience in film and television, such as the former DEFA cameraman and visiting professor in Babelsberg, Andreas Köfer, or up-and-coming lecturers such as film sound engineer Simon Peter and Eliana Sola Busas, who presented an exciting introduction to VJ software to those present – they all provided a successful mix of expertise and vision for the future.